Report on November Meeting

Here’s what happened

Holbeck in Bloom,  The group have purchased new wooden planters and are hoping that these will help towards Holbeck keeping up to, if not improving on, the silver award gained in this the first year of entry into Yorkshire in Bloom. The Cherry trees outside St Matthews are to be removed due to age and to help the oak tree straighten and get more light. Ian mentioned that sponsorship forms were being distributed for hanging baskets in summer next year . The cost of sponsorship is £30 per basket and anyone can sponsor either as a company or an individual.

Litter Bugs, Concern was expressed about the litter around Holbeck. Councillor Angela Gabriel suggested that local groups clubbing together and donating £100 each could go to buying a new litter bin with the council matching bin for bin. Seemingly the bins were expensive £500 each. The group voted to join this initiative believing that the provision of more public litter bins would help to keep the area tidy.  Other groups had been approached and she had received a positive response with the exception of one group. Members were dismayed to hear that one residents group were unwilling to help improve the area by sharing in this initiative.

Good News, It was reported that the government had finally signed off the PFI scheme after 18 months delay. Work will now start on rebuilding and refurbishment in spring 2012.

Police Report,   A report was given about the new Police Station under a PFI scheme that will be built off Elland Road on the old greyhound stadium site. Planning is in progress with community consultation taking place in Jan/Feb next year . It is expected that the new building will be opened and functional in 2014. Leaflets were distributed amongst members relating to the new police contact number 101 for non emergencies . Details  were also circulated about the christmas campaign ‘Dont let your stuff do a runner’. Prostitution was also raised as an ongoing issue and the meeting was assured that the police were continuing to patrol moving the girls on and prosecuting curb crawlers. The members were pleased to hear that the PCO’s working in the area are to continue depite cutbacks and given new powers. They will be able to isue parking tickets and give instant fines to residents caught allowing their pets to foul the streets and grass verges.

Planning permission, It was announced that a new sandwich takeaway shop was opening in Recreation Place. Initially the Councillors and our group had raised objections. The planning department had taken our reservations into account and the takeaway will be open from 7.00am until 2.00pm with the exception of match days when it will be allowed to open until 8.00pm.

 Environment , It was mentioned that a local bin yard that had been overflowing with rubbish had been cleaned up. The issue had appeared to develop because residents had contaminated the green bins and the regular collections were unable to be observed. It is hoped that in the new year all residents will be reminded how to use their black and green bins. The group expressed their thanks to Dave Fisher and his team for their vigilance and help in keeping the area clean.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 26th 2012




About Voice of Holbeck

We're a local residents' group which meets regularly to discuss local issues in the area
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3 Responses to Report on November Meeting

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  2. Mr B Brown says:

    I am appalled at the suggestion of cutting down the Chery Trees at St Matthews. My Farther planted one of them trees with is school in 1930. This act is nothing more than vandalism a Chery Tree poses no threat to an Oak Tree and at most would only need pruning.There is very little in Holbeck withe any aesthetic value so to destroy thees Trees is sacrilegious.
    In Leeds Nothing is Sacred.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Mr Brown. The trees have grown too big for the site, blocking out the view of St Matthew’s and also the oak tree is has become deformed due to the cherry trees. We’ve been advised that this is the only course of action. Our next meeting of Holbeck in Bloom is on Thursday, April 5, at St Matthew’s at 5pm, you’re welcome to attend.

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