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Special report: Blot on the Landscape

Blot on the Landscape

Travellers have taken over in Holbeck. Guess as individuals they are ok but as a collective thay are a xxxx nuisance. For the past month local residents have had to put up with noise, vandalism and inconvenience all in the interests of Human Rights. Horses left to roam over grass verges have trampling down recently planted flower beds, dogs allowed to rum amok, on occassions biting passers-by who needed hospital treatment. Piles of rubble dumped, the remnants of private drives and pathways recently tarmacked. When will so called ‘do gooders’ wake up to the plight of ordinary citizens struggling to pay bills and live in harmony with their neighbours. Human rights should work both ways and balance out the rights of all .
Sadly for us Holbeckians these travellers have changed the face of Holbeck forever. The Day Centre closed two years ago and offered by the council to local community groups is now unusable . Walls damaged. electricity and Gas cables ripped out and copper pipes stolen. Holbeck Elderly Aid were almost at the point of taking over this centre and bringing a much needed facility back into community use. Alas this project will doubtfully ever take place due to the astronomical costs now needed to repair the centre. The South Leeds Sports Centre has undergone a similar fate and will acording to reliable sources most likley need to be demolished.
We must call time on these unsociable, unaccountable families and they should be made to face up to their actions and held accountable by the authorities. Holbeck has always welcomed travelling people and has a history of being hospitable, many such families have settled within our community and are valued.

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Next Meeting Thursday 29th March 2012

Jubilee Plans At our last meeting to which other local groups were invited it was decided to organise a Jubillee Party The event will take place at St Matthews Community Centre on Saturday 2nd June starting at 6pm . Some … Continue reading

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